The project MeHSIP/PPIF

on 13 September 2010.

The Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme – Project Preparation and Implementation Facility (MeHSIP-PPIF) aims to support the Horizon 2020 Investments for Pollution Reduction component. This will mainly be achieved through providing project development support to infrastructure investment projects, which will assist these projects to proceed towards securing funding and successful implementation. The projects derive mainly from the so called "hotspots" as identified under the National Action Plan (NAP) exercise that was coordinated by UNEP/MAP. In order to be chosen, projects have to meet a set of criteria (financial and environmental) as well as be strongly supported by the national administration responsible for planning and finance.

Recognising the achievements of the previous phase (2009-2014), a new facility has been set-up in 2014 and starts in 2015.

The overall objective of the MeHSIP II Facility is to promote adequate and sound water, wastewater, waste and industrial emissions management in the Southern Mediterranean region in order to reduce health risks, achieve improved quality of life and contribute to achieving the H2020 goal of de-polluting the Mediterranean.

In particular, the specific objectives of the activities under MeHSIP II are to:

(i) increase the number of bankable projects in priority sectors capable of being readily financed and implemented, ensuring that their operation is efficient and sustainable in the long-term and;
(ii) strengthen the project preparation capacity of public sector institutions and private sector. The Facility will also contribute to the much needed creation of jobs in these key sectors and beyond.

The MeHSIP II facility is managed by a team comprising three experts in the EIB headquarters in Luxembourg and four resident experts in EIB offices in Cairo, Tunis and Rabat. This team supervises the consultants engaged in preparation of projects selected for support under the facility.