The project ENPI SEIS

on 14 September 2010.

The ENPI-SEIS project aims to promote the SEIS (Shared Environmental Information System) principles in the ENP regions (South and East), through the development of national and regional environmental information systems in line with the EU approach.

SEIS should gradually lead to:

  • The identification and/or further development of environmental indicators and scorecards – suitable for the design and review of environmental policies, supporting the monitoring and compliance with various national, regional and international obligations and targets;
  • An improvement of capacities in the field of monitoring, collection, storage, assessment, and reporting of environmental data in the relevant environmental authorities including the national statistical systems, in compliance with reporting obligations to international agreements and in coordination with relevant regional initiatives.
  • Track progress of the regional environmental initiatives (ENP, Eastern Partnership, Horizon 2020, etc.).

The ENPI-SEIS project will bring together environmental and statistical networks as key holders of environmental information and assisting EU neighbours in their environmental monitoring.

The second phase of the ENPI SEIS project starts in 2015 and, apart for pursuing further the objectives listed above, also supports the implementation of the new work programme of the H2020 Review and Monitoring Component recently approved (December 2014).

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