Horizon 2020, cleaning up the Mediterranean

on 16 October 2010.

In November 2005, at the summit to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Euro-Mediterranean process, the partners committed to: "endorse a feasible timetable to de-pollute the Mediterranean Sea by 2020, while providing appropriate financial resources and technical support to implement it, using the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development and exploring possible areas for co-operation in this regard with UNEP". Following-up on this commitment from all of the Euro-Mediterranean Partners the European Commission launched the Horizon 2020 initiative that aims to tackle the top sources of Mediterranean pollution by the year 2020. The Commission is building a coalition of partners to implement it. The film presents two projects co-financed by EU funding aiming at helping Southern Mediterranean countries to tackle their top sources of pollution. It is based on two main examples: a recycling programme of domestic waste in Tunisia, and an urban waste water project in Morocco.

Video on http://ec.europa.eu/avservices