Depolluting the Mediterranean through more sustainable management of industrial activities in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

on 18 July 2012.

A sub-regional training course which gathered thirty one participants from Ministries of Trade and Industry, Environment, Managers of industrial parks and national organizations of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia was organized by Horizon 2020’s Mediterranean Environment Programme (Tunis, 12-14 June 2012). It aimed to address the environmental challenges of industrial zones and support them to steer towards a more sustainable future.

The scope of the training included the deepening of participants’ knowledge on how to manage in a more sustainable way existing industrial parks; how to design new industrial parks by integrating sustainability criteria; how to increase the synergies between companies of a given territory, which are the services they could share to optimize the use of the resources and on how to ensure a long term follow-up of industrial parks. The training also tried to address the needs of companies in order to enable them to support the transition towards green jobs and a greener economy.

This sub-regional H2020 training offered the opportunity to discuss on the current situation concerning this thematic in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (including the drafting of national strategies on sustainable management of industrial parks) and also presented international experiences so as to facilitate the identification of concrete measures which could be introduced in the respective participating countries.

The training was organized by the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production – CP/RAC (working in the framework of the Mediterranean Action Plan of the United Nation Environment Programme - UNEP/MAP).

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