Moroccan Local Authorities trained by Horizon 2020 on the Integrated Management of Solid Waste

on 18 July 2012.

Nineteen trainees mainly from local and national authorities of the whole of Morocco gathered in Rabat at the end of May (29-31 May 2012) to take part in a Horizon 2020 national workshop on Integrated Solid Waste Management. The improvement of the decision making process at the local and national level through the adoption of an integrated approach in solid waste management was the overarching goal of the course.

The workshop succeeded in enhancing the participants’ understanding of all the various elements of an integrated approach, the different stages in managing waste, the specific role of Moroccan local authorities, the resources required and how to properly involve the relevant stakeholders in the process.

Throughout the course, the participants, which also included representatives of the private sector, had comprehensive discussions on the issues at hand, exchanging their respective experience on the matter. The workshop included lectures, case study presentations by the participants and a field trip. During the field trip the participants visited an old land fill now serving as a transfer and collection centre for Rabat, Sale and Tamara and the privately-run regional waste treatment centre in the area of Oum Aza where processes such as composting, gas extraction and reverse osmosis were described in detail.

The workshop culminated in a group exercise where the participants worked in teams to address challenges commonly dealt with in waste management at the local and national level through designing a draft action plan inclusive of institutional, legislative, financial, technical, social and environmental elements.

The course was organized within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/ Mediterranean Environment Programme (CB/MEP) in response to needs already identified in the country. It was implemented by ACR+ in cooperation with ANGed Tunisia, SWEEP-Net, the project CIUDAD, ENDA Maghreb, etc.