A 'SEIS cookbook’ is under development

on 13 February 2012.

A guidance document on SEIS (also called 'SEIS cookbook’) bringing together good practices and examples of developing and implementing Shared Environmental Information System on the country level is currently under preparation, based on the experience and working progress on SEIS in the EEA/Eionet member and cooperating countries.

The ’SEIS cookbook’ will be organised around different sections, including a general overview of SEIS structured around the three main components (Content, Infrastructure and Institutional cooperation), as well as a collection of good practice examples illustrating SEIS principles on the basis of the three components emerging from EEA cooperation with EEA member countries, cooperating countries in the West Balkans, ENPI East and South and various International organisations.

The first version of the ’SEIS cookbook’ will be ready by the end of January 2012 as an electronic ‘living’ document that will be translated into different languages, continuously updated with new examples as technology develops and new systems to support sharing of environmental information are introduced.