Important progress expected during 2012 in the Horizon 2020 investment projects

on 13 February 2012.

2011 saw important progress made on 4 investment projects in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia with major deliverables expected during 2012. More specifically:

  • Feasibility studies for Al Ghadir (Lebanon) and Lake Bizerte (Tunisia) investment projects are well advanced and feasibility studies expected to be completed during the next 6 months. MeHSIP-PPIF is working closely with the respective Promoters to explore how additional resources could be allocated to smooth the way for successful and rapid commencement of the implementation of these two priority projects.
  • Feasibility studies for the Lake Burullus/Kafr El Sheikh (Egypt) and Al Ekaider (Jordan) investment projects have been launched and significant progress is expected to be made during the next 6 months on both these priority projects.

  • Lebanon: Al Ghadir – Extension of Wastewater Treatment Plant

MeHSIP-PPIF has accommodated a request from the Lebanese Government to include wastewater networks in the Ghadir drainage area. The last months have also seen the completion of an extensive exercise to finalise data collection on water supply as well as storm water management for proper verification of unit flows and design criteria and the finalization of cost estimates for completing construction of all missing networks in the Ghadir WWTP drainage area. The draft feasibility study is expected to be submitted during the next 6 months, which will include the financial and economic analysis as well as the ESIA report.

  • Tunisia: Lake Bizerte - Integrated De-pollution Programme

The agreed “scoping phase” with second round of analyses to include, water, wastewater, solid waste, industrial modernisation, dredging works and others was completed and discussed through a transparent public consultation process on the basis of which the preliminary list of interventions was completed. New findings indicate a rather complex situation in the case of municipal and industrial solid waste, which will require assessment of specific options for confinement and remediation. The draft feasibility study is expected to be submitted during the next 6 months, which will include preliminary designs and cost estimates of the various priority interventions. In addition, MeHSIP-PPIF will continue its work in preparing options for a viable institutional structure to manage project implementation.

  • Jordan: Al Ekaider - Integrated Solid Waste Management Project

In close cooperation with the Jordanian counterpart a kick-off meeting took place in November (2011) marking the formal launch of the feasibility study. MeHSIP-PPIF also provided support in the preparation of a NIF application for project grant financing and continued its close coordination with ongoing USAID wastewater intervention on site. An inception report has been submitted and the next months will see the final determination of the project scope following baseline data collection and stakeholder consultation after which options will be identified and assessed. This will form the basis for preparation of preliminary designs accompanied by cost estimates for the suggested interventions.

  • Egypt: Lake Burullus – Wastewater Expansion for Kafr El Sheikh Governorate

In close cooperation with the Holding Company of Water and Wastewater (HCWW) a kick-off workshop took place in December (2011) marking the formal launch of the feasibility study. MeHSIP-PPIF also completed a prioritisation exercise of the clusters in the project area (part of the Inception Report that has been submitted), in close cooperation with the services of HCWW and its subsidiary company in Kafr El Sheikh. The last 2 weeks of 2011 also saw the initiation of field surveys by the assigned expert team. The next months will see the completion of an assessment of the sanitation needs in the project area while an overall assessment of the depollution needs will also be done for Lake Burullus.