Horizon 2020 training on wastewater project preparation and implementation in South East Europe

on 25 October 2011.

Fifteen participants from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro attended a workshop in Zagreb, Croatia on wastewater project preparation and implementation on 19-21 October 2011. The three-day workshop was organized by the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and ACWUA with the contribution of the DABLAS Task Force within the framework of the ENPI Horizon 2020 CB/MEP project.

The participants, who were professionals involved in water management, working with local authorities, local governance bodies, ministries or water authorities in their respective countries, were introduced to financing options for public service investments, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and Water Operator Partnerships, the challenges of project management and the Logical Framework Approach for the development of wastewater projects.

At the training, a session was dedicated to a pre-appraisal guide that has been prepared by the DABLAS Task Force which provides a simple methodology to test the potential viability of urban wastewater projects. The test can be done at an early stage of the project cycle, i.e. when only little concrete information is available, and should help in a decision on whether to carry out a full-fledged (pre-)feasibility study or not. The results of the test may also indicate where modifications of the project design may improve the viability of the proposed works. The guide is available at

At the end of the course, participants had improved their ability to assess the usefulness of different finance options, evaluate the enabling environment for Public Private Partnerships, distinguish between different PPP options and oversee the pitfalls of such processes. Through discussions, working groups, exercises and role playing, participants had the opportunity to connect with professionals from neighboring countries, different utilities and levels of government, exchange ideas and insights, data and tools, and learn from each other’s experiences. Read more here