Sub-regional H2020 training on Environmental Impact Assessments with focus on the roles of local authorities and NGOs

on 11 December 2011.

The Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/Mediterranean Environment Programme organized a 2.5-day training with forty three participants from Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian NGOs and Local Authorities in Hammamet, Tunisia (9-11 December 2011). Most of the trainees have already been dealing with environmental challenges linked to industrial pollution, waste water and municipal waste in their localities.

The main goal of the training was to build the trainees’ knowledge of the overall EIA process addressing in particular how NGOs and local authorities can effectively participate so as to influence its ultimate outcome. Several participants claimed that the training provided such useful information that upon return to their homes they will establish the partnerships with the key players (local authorities, relevant national authorities and NGOs) needed for having an impact in addressing specific challenges.

According to Mr. Walid Ghanmi, Amis de l’Environnement de Mezzoun (Tunisian NGO), “this workshop was very constructive because it allowed for an extensive exchange of views. Also, the information and the knowledge on EIAs provided by the trainers and invited speakers were very useful”.

Mrs. Kheira Hamzi, Directorate of the Environment of Wilaya, Boumerdès, Algeria, stated that "The objectives of the training were fully met. Through the presentations, discussions, field visit and workshops, the training allowed participants to fully understand what the contribution of local authorities and NGOs could be in EIAs".

After the completion of the training, the participants were particularly keen to keep in touch and maintain the networking benefits offered by Horizon 2020 CB/MEP. The training was jointly organized by MIO-ECSDE (federation of Mediterranean NGOs) and WWF (North Africa Programme, Tunis Office and MEDPO).