Investment projects: Laying the groundwork

on 19 September 2011.

The first half of 2011 has been especially fruitful regarding the groundwork for investment projects. More specifically:

  • Four feasibility studies are currently being prepared or carried out for the investment projects in Lake Burullus/Kafr El Sheikh (Egypt), Al Ekaider (Jordan), Al Ghadir (Lebanon) and Lake Bizerte (Tunisia).
  • MeHSIP-PPIF has completed the pre-feasibility study stage of another two potential investment projects in Egypt (in Alexandria and Marsa Matruh).

The 3rd Draft Interim Progress Report was finalised by the end of July and is now available on the MeHSIP-PPIF website


  • Egypt: Lake Burullus- Kafr El Sheikh Wastewater Treatment Systems

Following meetings and discussions with the Egyptian partners, the project will now proceed to the feasibility study stage. At the same time MeHSIP-PPIF is in the process of identifying local experts to undertake the technical studies.

  • Jordan: Al Ekaider - Integrated Solid Waste Management Project

The Government of Jordan gave the green light for the Solid Waste Management Project feasibility study. Accordingly, the MeHSIP-PPIF team mobilised to re-launch the process and re-establish the close cooperation with the Government and project stakeholders through a meeting that involved all parties. TORs for the feasibility study are being updated taking into account the latest USAID-funded intervention study.

  • Lebanon: Al Ghadir - Wastewater Treatment Plant

Following the Inception Report, the MeHSIP-PPIF team is now in full thrust on the second deliverable, the ‘Intermediate Report’ which will present the developed options for the Al Ghadir Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade. At the same time and in line with the recommendations of the Lebanese counterparts on covering networks as an integral part of the project, the MeHSIP-PPIF team is engaged in providing a preliminary estimate on the networks that have not been included in other programmes.

  • Tunisia: Lake Bizerte - Integrated De-pollution Programme

The Diagnostic Report has been finalised and was presented at a consultation meeting organised by the Tunisian counterparts in the Governorate of Bizerte. Present at this event were representatives of the Government authorities, local communities and academic institutions involved in the project as well as the EU Delegation and EIB representatives. This report clarified further pollution sources since the study in 2004 and highlighted less documented areas that require further investigation to finalise the priority interventions. The MeHSIP-PPIF team is currently engaged in undertaking further investigation as recommended by the Tunisian Government and EIB and a full report will be delivered in September to clearly define the focus of the feasibility study.