Turning Public Procurement Green in Croatia

on 14 June 2011.

In response to the Croatian Government’s priority to shift from public procurement to Green Public Procurement (GPP), a two-day seminar was held in Zagreb, Croatia (11-14 April 2011). The seminar was organised within the framework of the H2020 CB/MEP programme with the technical assistance of the UNEP/MAP Cleaner Production Regional Activity Centre and the full support of the Croatian Ministry for the Environment.

Around forty professionals, mostly from the Central Office for Public Procurement, national trainers on public procurement, and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, and the Croatian Ministry of Economy, participated.

The primary objective of the seminar was to accelerate the smooth transition to Green Public Procurement in Croatia, building on the experience of other EU and neighboring countries. The seminar, therefore, showcased the EU best practices, which can assist in the development of the GPP strategy. On the legislative front, Croatia’s Public Procurement Act dates back to 2007, while the Strategy for the development of the Public Procurement System and the Action Plan for its implementation were adopted by the Government in June 2008.

The seminar provided insight on all aspects of GPP. To be more specific, participants were introduced to the environmental and social concerns of the GPP tendering process for goods and services and the way these contribute to a more sustainable use of natural resources and raw materials. Topics such as the identification and implementation of the most appropriate techniques were also addressed. The experience of other Mediterranean countries was used to provide tools on how to evaluate offers for sustainable products and services in the Croatian market. Finally, the benefits and challenges of Sustainable Public Procurement implementation were also presented through lectures including case studies and practical examples.

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