2nd Meeting of the RMR Sub Group: reporting progress at every step

on 05 May 2011.

The second meeting of the RMR Sub Group was held on 30-31 March 2011 in Copenhagen in the premises of the European Environment Agency.

It gathered more than 40 experts from the Southern Mediterranean and West Balkan partner countries. This second meeting was strongly embedded in both the H2020 initiative and the ENP Framework through the ENPI-SEIS project 'Towards a Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) in the European Neighbourhood'. The meeting was aimed at taking stock of the most recent developments of the H2020 initiative, the results of the ENPI-SEIS consultation meeting held in November 2010, and also of the research projects and activities in the Mediterranean. Organised around breakout groups, the RMR sub-group discussed extensively how to develop a regular reporting process to monitor environmental progress "depolluting the Mediterranean" with a particular focus on the three H2020 priority issues of urban waste water, municipal waste and industrial emissions.

The presentations from the RMR sub-group meeting together with the agenda and list of participants have been uploaded at the H2020 communication portal here. The meeting was very constructive and came out with several practical next steps to be followed in the coming months through country visits and contacts with various stakeholders, aimed at deepening the discussions and further exploring ways of enlarging engagement at a country level. More information as well as a detailed draft report of the meeting will be made available there soon.