Preparation of investment projects

on 27 April 2011.

Project support is speeding up as two feasibility studies are currently being prepared in Lebanon and Tunisia, while another three potential investment projects are finalising the pre-feasibility study stage in Egypt. At the same time, there is ongoing dialogue in the partner countries on priority investment projects seeking for funding.

The first quarter of 2011 has been especially fruitful regarding the groundwork for investment projects. More specifically:

  • Lebanon: Al Ghadir - Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Inception Report (draft) for the Feasibility Study of Al Ghadir WWTP Extension project was finalised on 24 March 2011. The next deliverable, the ‘Intermediate Report’, will present the developed options for the Al Ghadir Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade and is expected to be submitted by June 2011.

  • Tunisia: LakeBizerte - Integrated De-pollution Programme

The Diagnostic Report (draft) for the LakeBizerte project is currently being finalised as it awaits the sampling analysis to be fully completed. All experts have been mobilised during the diagnostic phase and MeHSIP-PPIF continued its activities despite the recent political events in Tunisia. The final version of the Diagnostic Report will provide the Tunisian Government and the EIB with a clear idea on the main sources of pollution and determine a solid basis for potential investment interventions.

  • Egypt: Project Identification and Assessment

Following the delivery of the three pre-feasibility studies (final study expected in the 1st semester of 2011) MeHSIP-PPIF will continue its close dialogue with the respective project promoter, in order to support the further advancement of these potential environmental investment projects.

  • Jordan: Al Ekaider - Integrated Solid Waste Management Project

The MeHSIP-PPIF had constructive discussions with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) to coordinate the undertaking of a feasibility study. Further coordination has been sought with USAID’s ongoing activities with regard to this project.

To maintain momentum, a close dialogue is also underway in the partner countries on priority investment projects that are yet to secure funding but which could potentially be supported through the Facility.

Relevant progress was presented in detail by MeHSIP-PPIF during the 4th Horizon 2020 Steering Group meeting in Amman where MeHSIP-PPIF expressed its committment to update the Horizon 2020 Pipeline (current satus: 29 projects estimated to a value of 1.73bnEUR).