The Hague and Marrakesh host Horizon 2020 trainings on faecal sludge management

on 30 June 2014.

Horizon 2020 CB/MEP organized two 3-day trainings in The Hague (12-14 May 2014) and Marrakesh (23-15 June 2014) to train wastewater professionals in developing their skills on planning, applying appropriate technology and overall management of faecal sludge. This is not sludge from treated water but rather raw sludge, the proper management of which offers solutions for remote Mediterranean areas, or areas that are not connected to waste water treatment plants.

Altogether sixty one participants from Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine in once case (The Hague – English course) and Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in the other (Marrakesh – French course) attended the two trainings, mainly from national and local authorities in charge of sludge management or use of the end products.

The participants learned to identify appropriate technologies for particular types of faecal sludge, e.g. settling tanks, planted and unplanted drying beds, etc., as well as novel approaches in faecal sludge treatment. They were also trained on the financing aspects of faecal sludge management and how to identify a variety of tools for planning and implementation with due regard to the prevailing local conditions. A special focus was placed on the use of faecal sludge endproducts in agriculture. 

Presentations by lecturers, case study analyses and group assignments were complemented by a field trip to state of the art waste water treatment plants in both locations.

Both of the EU-funded trainings were delivered by CB/MEP’s consortium members UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education with the support of the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA). Read more about the trainings at:  (The Hague – EN)  (Marrakesh – FR)