The EU supports the integrated and sustainable management of solid waste in Algeria

on 10 June 2014.

Most countries in the region are moving from the use of dumps/uncontrolled landfills towards controlled sanitary landfills. Although this is a comprehensive and overarching approach, there is an urgent need to do more and better. Using the methodology of Integrated Sustainable Waste and Resources Management (SWRM) it should be possible to achieve relatively quickly (in 2025) a rate of composting / recycling between 20 and 50% with all the economic, environmental and social advantages that accompany such a change.

The European Union supports this goal in Algeria and in particular its coastal cities via a workshop of 4.5 days (8-12 June) organized by the Horizon 2020 "Capacity Building / Mediterranean Environment Programme" (H2020 CB / MEP) aiming to develop the capacity of participants in view of this transition. This training also aims to develop participants' skills for strategic and creative thinking to enable them to spread the message and help move towards a recycling society in the country.

The training combines lectures by national and international experts, daily visits to various relevant places around Algiers, as well as exercises and tests.

The Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Natural Resource Management (ACR +) is in charge of this EU funded workshop with the support of the Algerian Ministry of Environment.