Preparing more H2020 investment projects: MeHSIP-PPIF phase II approved

on 21 July 2014.

After the UfM Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change (May 2014) re-affirmed the continuation and enhancement of the Horizon 2020 Initiative, the second phase of the Project Preparation and Implementation Facility of the Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme (MeHSIP) was approved. Similarly to the first phase, it is financed by the European Union and it will be implemented by the European Investment Bank.  The starting date will be in the second half of 2014.

The overall objective of this three-year Programme is to promote adequate and sound wastewater, solid waste and industrial emissions management in the Southern Mediterranean region. This is expected to reduce health risks and achieve better quality of life for people by improved sanitation services, management and proper disposal of solid waste and of course by contributing towards achieving the Horizon 2020 goal of a pollution-free Mediterranean.

 MeHSIP II will build on the solid experience gained during the implementation of the MeHSIP Programme run during 2009-2014 (read more here) and will be led by the European Investment Bank. It aims at preparing bankable projects in priority sectors capable of being readily financed and implemented while ensuring that their operation is efficient and sustainable in the long-term; and strengthening the project preparation and implementation capacity of public sector institutions and the private sector.

Working under the umbrella of Horizon 2020, MeHSIP II will strive to involve other financiers in the process in order to achieve synergies and favourable results for the pollution reduction of the Mediterranean through joint actions.