The Mediterranean Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development is now in place and sets the foundations for a cleaner, healthier and more productive region

on 21 July 2014.

The UfM Ministerial Meeting of May 2014 also formally and unanimously endorsed the Mediterranean Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development (MSESD). The Strategy was finalised with the support of the Horizon 2020 Initiative which facilitated the final stakeholder consultations on the text.

The aim of the Strategy is to encourage countries of the Mediterranean to develop and incorporate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into their formal education systems, in all relevant subjects, as well as in non-formal and informal education. This will equip people with knowledge and skills in sustainable development, making them more competent and confident and increasing their opportunities for acting for a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature and with concern for social values, gender equity and cultural diversity of the Mediterranean region and beyond.

This is the first regional Strategy on Education addressing an eco region which touches upon 3 continents and many countries with different socioeconomic & cultural background. It will be presented at the Nagoya UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development as a clear demonstration of Mediterranean cooperation and solidarity in a North - South and East - West interface.

You may access the Strategy document here:

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