World Environment Day celebrated in Cairo during the opening of a Horizon 2020 workshop on Green Economy

on 06 June 2013.

Linking economic growth, environmental protection, business innovation and job creation was the objective of the latest national Horizon202 workshop held in Egypt within the framework of the EU funded Horizon 2020 CB/MEP. The workshop was launched with the address of the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Dr. Khaled Fahmy, delivered by the Under Secretary, Dr. Salah Al Sharif. The importance of enhancing the skills of Egyptians towards the reduction of pollution in the Mediterranean basin and the essential contribution to this end of Horizon 2020 was underlined. Dr. Mostafa Kamal Tolba, former Executive Director of UNEP and leading international environmental expert, stressed the relation between an educated workforce and the effective protection of natural resources while recognizing the need to raise environmental awareness in Egypt through regional initiatives and programmes such as Horizon 2020.

The workshop, entitled “Green Economy and Green Growth in Egypt” was held on 4-5 June 2013, featuring also a World Environment Day 2013 celebration during its opening session. Fifty participants from the Egyptian public and private sectors came together to deepen their understanding of Green Economy and Green Growth and engage in a constructive dialogue on overcoming obstacles and implementing such crosscutting policies on the ground. The workshop focused on the fields of industry and agriculture and succeeded in addressing the specific needs of the country with the support of high calibre national experts. Leading initiatives such as the Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development (EFSD), successful case studies from Egypt and abroad, latest global findings and reports, as well as tools for the transition towards a greener development model, were all part of the training.

The event was organized by the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production of the Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP - CP/RAC) in cooperation with RAED (Arab Network for Environment and Development) and MIO-ECSDE (Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development) within the framework of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/Mediterranean Environment Programme. More details: