Towards a regular review mechanism of Horizon 2020 – preparation of the first assessment report

on 29 April 2013.

ENPI-SEIS has completed the development of the indicators to measure progress and is now preparing the first assessment report of the Horizon 2020 Initiative.

As a part of a long term process towards the development of a reporting mechanism for measuring progress under the Horizon 2020 Initiative, this first quarter of 2013 saw the development of the H2020 indicators and the preparation of the first assessment report of H2020 progress as included in the road-map of the Cairo declaration.

To support this process, a selection of six (6) key indicators has been made by the ENPI-SEIS Working Group on Indicators and detailed indicator factsheets have been developed ( These indicators, currently being populated by the partner countries, are supporting the production of the regional indicator-based analysis of the H2020 priority areas. Over the period from March to May 2013, national workshops are organised by the ENPI-SEIS National Focal Points in each ENP-South Partner countries ( to support the development of these indicators and their corresponding data flows, and to strengthen the coordination of the different data providers and thematic experts. Specific country level assistance on indicator development is ensured by UNEP-MAP (Plan Bleu/MEDPOL) in the framework of a contribution agreement with the EEA to support SEIS implementation in the Mediterranean region.

As validated by the H2020 Review, Monitoring and Research sub-group, the first H2020 Regional Report will consist of three (3) main parts:

  1. A synthesis, summarising the H2020 priority areas state of the environment, cross-cutting issues, reflections on policy implications and overarching conclusions;
  2. An Indicator-based thematic assessment using the selected H2020 indicators; and
  3. A country-level assessment compiled on the basis of the information provided by the ENP South countries, which will cover the H2020 priority areas as well as specific country situations.

The next RMR (11-12 June 2013) meeting will look at the first draft of the report, and review progress achieved so far in setting-up a regular reporting mechanism for H2020.

EEA is undertaking this first reporting exercise jointly with UNEP/MAP and in close coordination with the two other H2020 components and the UfM Secretariat to ensure proper streamlining of the efforts while assessing progress of the H2020 initiative.