All four priority projects move to the next phase

on 29 April 2013.

The first quarter of 2013 has seen the completion of all four feasibility studies of the MeHSIP-PPIF priority projects. The way is now open for the EIB to move swiftly with the implementation of the appraisal procedures for the four projects.

This next step is expected to be completed before the end of 2013. The four priority investment projects’ latest update:

  • Lake Bizerte (Tunisia): additional elements to the finalised feasibility study are currently being prepared through the incorporation of assessed impacts of additional industries adjacent to Lake Bizerte, which will also form part of this project. A key milestone was achieved with the pre-appraisal missions that have taken place in November (2012) and February (2013), confirming the strong commitment by the central and local authorities to the implementation of this project. Furthermore, the signature of the Charter for the sustainable development of the lake on 16 October (2012) in close coordination with the Capacity Building (CB/MEP) component further demonstrated the commitment of the Tunisian authorities to the realisation of this project according to high environmental standards.
  • Al Ekaider (Jordan): the Scoping & Option Analysis was completed in August (2012) following extensive consultation with central and local stakeholders, allowing for a consolidated version of the feasibility study to be completed by early October (2012) and before the organisation of a back-to-back technical and EIA consultation that took place in Amman on 18-19 September 2012. Following the September consultations, MeHSIP-PPIF has submitted the final version of the feasibility study including the ESIA chapter and updating the financial and economic analysis based on the defined project. Despite the recent change in Government in January (2013) the project maintains its momentum and MeHSIP-PPIF is currently following closely the process initiated by the Government of Jordan which will open the way for an official EIB appraisal mission.
  • Lake Burullus/Kafr El Sheikh (Egypt): the feasibility study, including the detailed design for two ‘village clusters’, was completed in March 2013. The Government of Egypt, through the recently established Ministry of Water and Sanitation Facilities has identified this project as one of two priority projects to proceed swiftly towards implementation. In addition, the Ministry of Housing & Urban Communities has recently also expressed its support to the project. The feasibility study includes tender documents for two clusters that are ready for launching once the financial arrangements are finalised. EIB is planning to initiate the appraisal procedures during the second half of 2013.
  • Al Ghadir (Lebanon): the feasibility study has been completed since the end of 2012. The detailed survey for the missing networks under priority one area has also been completed and submitted in March (2013). Tender documents for the detailed design based on the survey are being finalised. Based on the completed ESIA, the permitting process has been initiated through the project promoter (CDR). Both key government counterparts promoting this project (CDR and the Ministry of Energy & Water) are committed to bringing this project to fruition. EIB is planning to initiate the appraisal procedures during the second half of 2013.