Over 1900 administrators, local authorities, professionals and NGO staff have been trained in the first three years of the H2020 Capacity Building component

on 28 December 2012.

More than 1900 professionals from ministries, local authorities, institutions, agencies, NGOs, industries, business organizations, chambers of commerce, universities and research institutes, as well as politicians and Members of Parliament, journalists, educators, etc. of 14 Mediterranean countries (see chart) have been trained in one or more of the eighty five (85) Horizon 2020 capacity building activities that have taken place in the past three years. Around 300 trainers, experts and lecturers were mobilised in order to address the wide ranging topics of the activities.


The tables below provide some useful figures indicating how many activities have taken place at regional, sub-regional and national level, as well as how many have taken place under the Horizon 2020 thematic areas.



The training modules of all 85 events are available at while three distance learning modules are being developed and will be available on the site in early 2013.

Already, some significant de-pollution achievements in the region can be attributed to the Horizon 2020 Initiative and the capacity building component specifically. A short survey is currently being prepared by CB/MEP so as to facilitate the H2020 Focal Points as well as other stakeholders that have benefited from the training to identify the direct and indirect impacts that these capacity building activities have catalyzed so far in their countries.