A validation mechanism of H2020 projects with ‘financing secured’ is under way

on 28 December 2012.

During this period MeHSIP-PPIF has also prepared the TORs and a methodology to establish a ‘snapshot’ of the status (validation mechanism) of the 50 projects from the H2020 Project List that have ‘financing secured’. The elaboration of the methodology has been done in close coordination with the EIB, EC, UNEP/MAP and UfMS.

At the “Pollution Reduction Core Group” meeting held in Barcelona on the 18th of April 2012, it was agreed that factual knowledge on the status of the depollution investment projects that have already secured financing would be of great value to IFIs/Donors, UNEP/MAP, the UfM and other organisations associated with Horizon 2020. This would allow for a more holistic overview of executed, ongoing and planned pollution reduction projects in the south Mediterranean region and help evaluate the positive impact that these projects have on eliminating Hot Spots and therefore reducing pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

The aim of the assignment is to obtain information and identify at what stage of the project development cycle the projects that have already secured funding have reached, how long this has taken, what aspects that have impacted the preparation, implementation or operation positively and negatively are, and if completed, whether the projects demonstrate a tangible level of sustainability, as well as a clear pollution reduction impact.

MeHSIP-PPIF has recently prepared a methodology and is also committed to carrying out the initial survey of the ‘financing secured’ projects (currently 50) and providing a snapshot of these projects during 2013.